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Long Term Journalists Training:

The total duration of the long-term training program will be 06 (six) months. In this period, a total of 30 potential Saontal male and female will be provided training following proper method and module. The training will be arranged in 09 sessions in 06 months. Every session will be of 07 days. In-house training will be provided during two weeks in every month and in the rest of the month, the trainees will be assigned for field work with the applying of the lessons and insights learned in the training. 

The own resource persons of CCD, reputed journalists and renowned teachers of mass communication and journalism department of Dhaka and Rajshahi University will facilitate the training programs. To arrange these training programs very effectively, a number of training modules, supporting materials, hand outs and multimedia presentation will be prepared before the training.


Each of the trainees will be provided internship in some local, regional and national newspapers after their completion of the training program.

The duration of the internship program is 04 (four) months. In this period, after the consultation with the controlling authority of the media institutions a News Editor or Chief Reporter of the local or regional newspapers will be appointed as In-house Supervisor to provide all round assistance and guide line to the internees. During the program, a views exchange and review meeting will be arranged with the internees and the In-house Supervisors every month. After the completion of the internship a report will be prepared on the basis of the success, failure and learned experience of the internship and it will be sent to all the concerned.

Advocacy with the Media Owners:

In order to change the attitude and outlook of the media owners for the purpose of positive treatment and publishing the minority interest related issues and for ensuring the active participation of the Saontal people in mainstream of journalism, a total of 05 (five) daylong regional advocacy workshops will be arranged. 

The participants will be the noted publishers, editors, journalist leaders, leaders of press clubs and journalist union, teachers of journalism department and all the concerned along with the potential Saontal journalists with the directing regional and national newspapers and radio. 

Dialogue with the Journalists:

A total of 16 daylong dialogues will be arranged in all the 16 districts in the northern region of Bangladesh. It will be attempted to ensure the attendance of the Saontal journalists, working journalists and the leading people of the minority development organizations in the dialogues. 

The main objective of arranging these dialogues is to make clear concept about the socio-economic condition, education, health issues, indigenous knowledge, art and culture of the Saontal to the journalists. At the same time it aims to initiate a close relation of the minority development workers and the potential Saontal journalists with the working journalists of the region. Moreover, through the dialogues the working journalists will have to be encouraged to prepare and publish positive reports and features for the up gradation of the Saontal.

Publishing Website and e-Bulletin:

The main purpose of this web site is to conduct advocacy and campaign for the development, empowerment and human rights of the Saontal people.

A huge number of stories, photographs and write-up about the indigenous knowledge, art, culture, traditional practices, health, education, socio-economic condition and their interest related issues have been published, so that any one can get a clear concept of the Saontal people and their culture and life style from the site.

Moreover, an e-bulletin named Indigenous Voice is being  published on every Sunday through this web site. Besides the report of the activities of the project, this bulletin contains article, feature, stories and news relating to the socio-economic condition, education, health, indigenous knowledge, art and culture of the Saontal people. CCD Bangladesh firmly believe that, the e-bulletin will play a significant role in creating public opinion for the development, empowerment and human rights of the Saontal and other minority people. 

Publishing Community Newspaper:

A fortnightly community magazine will be published to ensure balanced and sustainable development, empowerment and human rights of the Saontal people. The goal of publishing this magazine is to maintain the interest of the Saontal and to conduct advocacy and lobbying for their development, empowerment and human rights and to inform the minority interest related issues to the Government, non-government organizations, international organizations and donor agencies.

The Saontal beneficiaries of the project will be the journalists of this magazine. They will play key role in preparing, arranging and publishing the news and reports in the magazine. Besides that the writings of the established writers and workers on the minority issues will be included in the magazine. 

Primarily the magazine will be published under the direct supervision of CCD. In publishing the magazine CCD will provide round technical cooperation and play the role of coordinator.  For the purpose of successful and effective publication, an editorial committee will be formed with the renowned journalists and the Saontal intellectuals. 

Broadcasting Radio Talk Show:

A number of 22 talk shows will be transmitted through the local radio stations. The duration of the shows will be of 20 minute. Through these talk shows, news, views, features, article, theater, spot, interview and songs will be broadcast highlighting the socio-economic condition, historical background, traditional norms and practices, education, health, life style, indigenous knowledge, art and culture of the Saontal people. Thus, the majority people will come to know all the minority related issues, which will be helpful for establishing their development and human rights. 

CCD activists will arrange to prepare and broadcast the talk shows. The beneficiaries Saontal journalists will prepare, conduct and present the talk shows. Through these talk shows they will also gather experience in radio reporting.

Giving Awards to The Journalists:

Three media institutions and three minority journalists will get awards separately every year for their remarkable contribution in respect of development, empowerment and raising voice for human rights of the Saontal and other minority people. 

The best reporter will get Tk 20,000, the second best TK 15,000 and the third best will get TK 10,000 as prize money along with a crest and certificate. 

The best institution will get Tk 20,000, the second best TK 15,000 and the third best will get TK 10,000 as prize money along with a crest and certificate. 

The best minority journalist and the best media institutions will be awarded in an auspicious function every year. 

These awards will definitely encourage the journalists and the mainstream press and media institutions to be more sincere and attentive to publish the news items and stories related to the minority issues massively and positively and the awarded ones will be much more respected and inspired for such performance. 

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