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This web site is a core component of the project 'Raising Saontal Voice' which is being implemented by CCD Bangladesh in association with World Association for Christian Communication [WACC].

It is an  initiative for the Saontal Community [a community of indigenous people living mainly in the Northern part of Bangladesh] to let them raise their voice. Here they will get unique opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas; to exchange views with rest of the world, etc. through this web site.

Dialogue on Community journalism held:

Stopping Threat to the Indigenous During Election Demanded Speakers demanded the caretaker government to take necessary initiative for stopping threat and harassment to be imposed upon the indigenous people of the northern region during the national election in the country. Read more>>

Protecting Human Rights

Calling upon the journalists to play active role in painting real picture of human deprivation and potential of the indigenous people of Rajshahi region, speakers said, though a number of initiatives have been taken for the development of the aboriginal people of the hilly area, the development issue of the indigenous people of the plain land is still getting no significance. More>>

Saving Cultural Heritage

Mro people, also known as the Murong, are believed to have come to the Chittagong Hills sometime in the late 1500s, after their defeat in a clan war in the Arakan hills. When they first met the Bangalees in Busidong, Bandarban, there was a language barrier between the two peoples, and the Mros were not understood... More>>

Promoting Indigenous Knowledge

Twenty years ago Menlay Murang, a Mro by descent, introduced a new religion. He called his faith Crama. According to Shourav Sikder, an assistant professor of Linguistics in Dhaka University who conducted an extensive research on the languages of the indigenous people living in Bangladesh, the new faith emerged by compounding Christian beliefs with the existing animistic practices of the Mro people. More>>

Raising Indigenous Voice

Indigenous people living in 10 villages under Durgapur Upazila in Rajshahi district demanded security of their vote and life. They alleged, due to the forced bar of a group of political cadres, most of the indigenous voters of three villages could not reach the vote center in the last national election. In other villages, they also faced huge obstacle in this respect. They want to elect such a fit candidate who will do good for...More>>

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